Industrial Resources

The following companies and organisations provide useful data regarding our industry.

International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT)

ISTAT is the organisation that accredits all the aircraft appraisers; it serves as the official voice for the entire commercial transport aircraft secondary marketplace. ISTTAT also establishes and promotes standards for many aspects of the purchase or sale of commercial transport aircraft, including appraisals and a code of ethics.


AVITAS is a full-service aviation consulting firm for all facets of the aviation industry. AVITAS is renowned as one of the leading advisor to airlines, financial institutions, maintenance facilities, manufacturers, government agencies and law firms.


Airfax is an aviation market letter provides up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive information on the worldwide availability of commercial transport aircraft. Airfax produces two market letters; "Jet Transport Aircraft" and "Regional & Commuter Aircraft" which provides information for turboprop and regional jet aircraft.


Airbus is the market leader of commercial aircraft manufacturing. Our current fleet comprises of the Airbus A330 famliy. Follow the link below for information regarding the aircraft, industry overview, technical specifications and industry outlook.

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